Study finds 30-minute CPR classes just as effective as multi-hour courses

Southwestern Medical Center researchers have found that a user-friendly, 30-minute, video-based cardiopulmonary resuscitation training session is just as effective as the traditional three- to four-hour course in teaching basic life-saving techniques to laypersons. In addition, at six months after the training    
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Physicians Breathe Life Into Cutting-edge Stem Cell Procedure
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physicians-breathe-life-into-cutting-edge-stem-cell-procedurePatients living with Myasthenia Gravis (MG) may breathe easier thanks to a rare bone marrow transplant procedure performed at The Bone Marrow Transplant Program at University of California, San Diego Medical Center, the only program in the western United States that has attempted this procedure.

Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is a rare neuromuscular autoimmune disease where the body's immune system, which normally protects the body, mistakenly attacks itself. The transmission of nerve impulses to muscles is interrupted, which ultimately prevents the muscles from contracting. Without the    ... Read Full Article

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Though Colder Than Earth, Saturn's Moon Titan Is Tropical In Nature

though-colder-than-earth-saturn-s-moon-titan-is-tropical-in-natureIf space travelers ever visit Saturn's largest moon, they will find a tropical world where temperatures plunge to minus 274 degrees Fahrenheit, methane rains from the sky and dunes of ice or tar cover the planet's most arid regions. These conditions reflect a cold mirror image of Earth's tropical climate, according to scientists at the University of Chicago.

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Cognitive impairment link found in older adults taking popular stomach acid medications

cognitive-impairment-link-found-in-older-adults-taking-popular-stomach-acid-medicationsLong-term use of histamine2 receptor antagonists (H2A), one class of drugs that blocks stomach acid, may be associated with cognitive impairment in older African-American adults. According to an Indiana University School of Medicine and Regenstrief Institute study published in the August issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, the risk for showing signs of cognitive impairment is 2.5    Read Full Article

Melanoma Drug Activates Immune Cells To Fight Cancer

melanoma-drug-activates-immune-cells-to-fight-cancerA new study shows that an important drug used in the treatment of malignant melanoma has little effect on the melanoma cells themselves. Instead, it activates immune-system cells to fight the disease.

The drug, called interferon alpha (IFNa), is used to clean up microscopic tumor cells that may remain in the body following surgery for the disease. It is the only drug approved for this    Read Full Article

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