Mice roar message: genetic change happens fast

While looks can be deceiving, heredity is revealing, and two scientists who've studied the genetic makeup of a common field mouse report that what's most revealing to them is how fast both genes and morphology can change.

Oliver Pergams, visiting research assistant professor of biological sciences    
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Cassini Is On The Trail Of A Runaway Mystery

cassini-is-on-the-trail-of-a-runaway-mysteryNASA scientists are on the trail of Iapetus' mysterious dark side, which seems to be home to a bizarre "runaway" process that is transporting vaporized water ice from the dark areas to the white areas of the Saturnian moon.

This "thermal segregation" model may explain many details of the moon's strange and dramatically two-toned appearance, which have been revealed exquisitely in images collected during a recent close flyby of Iapetus by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

Infrared observations from the flyby confirm that the dark material is warm enough (approximately minus    ... Read Full Article

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Large avian flu outbreaks more likely to involve duck meat industry, experts find

large-avian-flu-outbreaks-more-likely-to-involve-duck-meat-industry-experts-findScientists at the University of Liverpool have found that 73 percent of avian flu outbreaks in the UK would not spread beyond the initial infected farm, but larger outbreaks are more likely to involve the duck meat industry

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have found that 73% of avian flu outbreaks in the UK would not spread beyond the initial infected farm, but larger outbreaks    Read Full Article

Columbus Hatch Closed For Last Time

columbus-hatch-closed-for-last-timePreparations of the European Columbus laboratory took an important step earlier this week with the final closure of the module’s hatch ahead of the December launch to the International Space Station.

Although there was no formal ceremony to mark the occasion, the hatch closure is an important milestone for all involved. “This means we are 99% ready for flight,” explains Bernardo Patti,    Read Full Article

Glowing Mice Light The Way To Understanding Type 2 Diabetes

glowing-mice-light-the-way-to-understanding-type-2-diabetesWith the help of genetically engineered mice whose livers turned into glowing light bulbs, researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have illuminated the underpinnings of an insidious and growing health concern-- type II diabetes.

In the study published in the September 5 advanced online edition of Nature, the researchers report that a protein called TORC2 serves as a    Read Full Article

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