Secondhand Smoke Is A Health Threat To Pets

It has been in the news for years about how secondhand smoke is a health threat to nonsmokers. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that secondhand smoke is attributed with killing thousands of adult nonsmokers annually.

If smoking is that harmful to human beings, it would make    
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The end of barroom brawls

the-end-of-barroom-brawlsThe link between alcohol and aggression is well known. What’s not so clear is just why drunks get belligerent. What is it about the brain-on-alcohol that makes fighting seem like a good idea" And do all intoxicated people get more aggressive" Or does it depend on the circumstances"

University of Kentucky psychologist Peter Giancola and his student Michelle Corman decided to explore these questions in the laboratory. One theory about alcohol and aggression is that drinking impairs the part of the brain involved in allocating our limited mental resources—specifically attention and    ... Read Full Article

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Mutations In The Insulin Gene Can Cause Neonatal Diabetes

mutations-in-the-insulin-gene-can-cause-neonatal-diabetesMutations in the insulin gene can cause permanent neonatal diabetes, an unusual form of diabetes that affects very young children and results in lifelong dependence on insulin injections, report researchers from the University of Chicago and Peninsula University (Exeter, UK) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Although abnormal insulin has been associated with milder    Read Full Article

Bleeding, Not Inflammation, Is Major Cause Of Early Lung Infection Death

bleeding-not-inflammation-is-major-cause-of-early-lung-infection-deathResearchers believe they have discovered why a bacterial lung infection is so lethal in the early stages, and it's not what medical authorities had thought, according to research published August 23 in the journal Immunity.

The study reveals for the first time that a toxin released by bacteria causes severe bleeding in the lungs by patients with pneumococcal pneumonia. It is the bleeding,    Read Full Article

'Knockout' technique tested successfully on mice

knockout-technique-tested-successfully-on-miceAllergies, like the common cold and asthma, have basically defied the best efforts of modern medicine to cure them. Now, a doctoral candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Pharmacy has come up with a new approach that offers hope for getting rid of them.

For his efforts, Chilean-born Ido Bachelet, a first cousin of the president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, and a Ph.D.    Read Full Article

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