Chance encounter with comet nets surprising results

Comets are made of the most primitive stuff in the solar system. As hunks of rock and ice that never coalesced into more planets, they give researchers clues to the evolution of solar systems.

So a chance encounter between spacecraft Ulysses and Comet McNaught's ion tail has scientists in the University    
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Mars With Ice, Shaken, Not Stirred
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mars-with-ice-shaken-not-stirredMars, like Earth, is a climate-fickle water planet. The main difference, of course, is that water on the frigid Red Planet is rarely liquid, preferring to spend almost all of its time traveling the world as a gas or churning up the surface as ice. That's the global picture literally and figuratively coming into much sharper focus as various Mars-orbiting cameras send back tomes of unprecedented super high-resolution imagery of ever vaster tracts of the planet's surface.

What were just a few years ago small hints about Mars' water and climate, as seen in a few "postage-stamp" high-resolution    ... Read Full Article

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Breastfeeding Does Not Protect Against Asthma, Allergies, New Study Shows

breastfeeding-does-not-protect-against-asthma-allergies-new-study-showsBreastfeeding does not protect children against developing asthma or allergies, says a new study led by McGill University's Dr. Michael Kramer and funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The findings were pre-published online September 11 by the British Medical Journal.

Dr. Kramer -- James McGill Professor of Pediatrics, Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McGill University    Read Full Article

Researchers identify hundreds of genes controlling female fertility

researchers-identify-hundreds-of-genes-controlling-female-fertilityResearchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found nearly 350 genes related to female fertility. Their research may open the door to much wider study in the poorly understood field of infertility.

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Universal flu vaccine being tested on humans

universal-flu-vaccine-being-tested-on-humansA universal influenza vaccine that has been pioneered by researchers from VIB and Ghent University is being tested for the first time on humans by the British-American biotech company Acambis. This vaccine is intended to provide protection against all A strains of the virus that causes human influenza, including pandemic strains.


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